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Initiating the “Berliners-Sing-with-Refugees-Choir”

Rotes Rathaus von Janosz Balasz unter CC-Lizenz

German version

Reception for Volunteers and Refugees at the City Hall

Throughout the past weeks Germany has experienced a wave of hospitality towards migrants seeking refuge from war, hunger, poverty and crises. In Berlin, a wide array of local initiatives represents this kind of vivid welcoming culture. We, the charitable organization Leadership Berlin (Network Responsibility), want to pay tribute to this commitment while at the same time sending a signal for a peaceful society that includes everyone regardless of origin. To this end, we cordially invite voluntary workers active in the area of refugee support in duo with a migrant partner to a celebratory reception at the City Hall (Rotes Rathaus), where they will come together with committed leaders from diverse realms of society. In cooperation with the Berlin Association of Choirs, Chorverband Berlin, we aim at initiating the Berlin Refugee Choir on this evening – a place where committed Berliners sing together with refugees according to the motto

“Alone we are notes, together we are a song“ (Ya Beppo).

The kick-off event at the City Hall is supposed to give birth to a permanent choir project under the direction of Michael Betzner-Brandt (the initiator of the “I-Cannot-Sing-Choir”) and Bastian Holze (founder of TOTAL CORAL und B vocal). To this aim, we explicitly invite people who enjoy singing and can imagine committing to a regular participation in this kind of “Welcoming and Get-Together Choir”.

Where: Rotes Rathaus (City Hall) Berlin, Großer Saal und Wappensaal

When: Wednesday, 7 October 2015, 4.30 – 8.30 p.m.

What: Exchange, dinner, and collective singing by duos of volunteers and refugees together with Berlin leaders

If you are interested to participate at this event in a duo, please register via the following address. Please note: Volunteers register together with a refugee they know and are willing to accompany. Refugees can register in solo and we will find a volunteer who will accompany them to the event. Also, please feel free to contact us if you require any further details regarding the event or the choir project. or +49-176-56776688

We thank our sponsor Tannenhof Berlin-Brandenburg for providing food and beverages.